Voyage Expense By Voyage Manager

Travel expense management is a tedious but necessary part of travel. Travellers have to keep a record of all their expenses, and where and when they occured. The accounts team has to process expenses and refund travellers. Voyage Expense simplifies every aspect of this exercise. Data from Voyage Expense can be used for tax mitigation, traveller security and fraud prevention.

Simple and Straightforward

Voyage Expense makes travel expense management simple. No complicated forms or difficult processes. Travellers can use the Voyage Expense app to record their expenses on the go. The app automatically synchronises this information with the Voyage Expense server, enabling the company to process expenses in real time.

Alternatively, travellers can photograph their receipts using their smartphones. By forwarding these images to Voyage Expense, they are automatically tied to their current trip. Later, travellers can log in to Voyage Expense at their leisure to add details of each expense.

The accounting team have access to a simple online overview of all transactions, by date, traveller and/or trip. Voyage Expense can also export expense data into any format, including text and Excel. Integration with accounting packages is also possible.

Card Transactions

Voyage Expense can make the process of adding expenses even easier by pulling in information about card transactions automatically. Travellers can link specific credit and debit cards to their Voyage Expense account. Then, whenever they make a transaction, Voyage Expense records it against their current trip, ensuring that no expenses are missed.

Voyage Expense can process transactions from major card providers, including American Express, Mastercard and Visa, through our partner Yodlee. Voyage Expense is also working with an increasing number of financial institutions directly. The first such institution was Monzo Bank, a next generation British bank founded in 2015.

Voyage Expense is in a unique position when it comes to being able to identify and prevent card fraud. By using card transaction and vendor data, combined with Voyage Manager's travel tracking data, Voyage Expense can identify fraudulent card activity practically in real time. Should a transaction occur in a different location to the traveller's known or presumed location, the system can flag the suspicious activity and notify the appropriate persons immediately.

Innovating Ahead

As the legal requirement to document the time spent in various jurisdictions is becoming significantly stricter, it is vital to have an accurate record of where your people have been and for how long. Voyage Expense, in conjunction with Voyage Tax, provides a completely new way of logging location activity. Voyage Expense data is combined with Voyage Tax's itinerary, GPS tracking and other information to create a comprehensive audit trail of where travellers have been. This improves the accuracy of Voyage Tax significantly, and provides unparallelled detail for authorities and compliance.

Travel security and duty of care are now essential obligations that must be met by any company whose staff travel. And travel tracking is at the heart of any solution. Most travel tracking solutions are limited to passive, itinerary-based tracking, where the last location of a traveller is presumed to be the airport they supposedly arrived at or the hotel they are supposed to be staying in. In other words, itinerary tracking reflects the plan, not reality.

Voyage Security's travel tracker goes far beyond this by providing active as well as passive tracking. Active tracking combines traveller confirmations with GPS tracking to achieve incredibly accurate, real time tracking. Voyage Expense's integration of Voyage Security provides an unparalleled level of tracking. The platform combines the location fixes of expenses with GPS and itinerary tracking to provide a complete, accurate security trail of the travellers' locations.